Friday, 24 June 2011

I'm enjoying this

I've realised why I haven't been making more stuff, and it's because I have to spend so much time hunting out the supplies I've carefully stored in random places around the house.

With a bit of time to myself, I'm actually able to find what I need and am making good headway, so here is my workspace, complete with a cuppa and my kindle (I'm reading The Passage).

(No idea why the picture is on it's side - I don't do techie!)

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Do you change your mind?

Have you made something, liked it at first, but felt something was not quite right?

Well, I managed that over the weekend - I made a necklace with a beautiful lampwork bead by Lorna of Pixie Willow Designs - but now I'm just not sure about it.

I think the supporting beads complement it well, but I'm thinking of moving the poppies bead so that it is part of the necklace, rather than suspended from it.